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Coloring Outside the Lines – Goose Lamp

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Black and white illustration depicting a coloring book page with an image of a goose sculpture with its head turned all the way around to its back; it also has a fish in its mouse.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Viewing a work of art in a museum setting is much different than the way it would have originally been displayed or even the way someone would display an object in their home.

The objective for this coloring activity is not only for the student to color the work of art, but to draw an imaginary environment around the object.

Goose Lamp

This bronze figure of a goose that has just caught a fish is actually a lamp! It was made during the Han dynasty (206 BCE-9 CE) in ancient China. Bird motifs were popular for tomb lamps as they not only provided light in the afterlife, but birds were thought to fly between heaven and earth.

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