Music – Classical Indian Music Tutorial with Ramneek Singh

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Join acclaimed vocalist Ramneek Singh as she walks students through a tutorial of classical Indian music focusing on three aspects: Melody, Rhythm and Aesthetics.

Melody covers the Raag and it’s patternwork, Rhythm covers the rhythmic movement in which the melody can progress and Aesthetics covers the lyrics and the cultural aspect of poetry and Indian culture.


This video not only provides a brief overview of classical Indian music, but it also serves as preparation before students watch Singh’s musical performance video located at the bottom of this page.

Key Terms

These terms are defined in the video and can also be found in the Tutorial Transcript located below.

  • Raag
  • Aaroh
  • Avroh
  • Nyaas
  • Vadi
  • Samvadi
  • Taal
  • Teentaal
  • Khayal
  • Tarana
  • Shabad-Kirtan
  • Bhajan
  • Thumri

Want to learn more about Ramneek Singh? Visit her website for her biography, performances, email, and more musical videos!

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