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Mandalas – Dharmachakra

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Circular mandalas provide a focus for meditation with a central point—a point from which all things are possible. From this sacred center generates infinite possibilities and potential. Coloring mandalas provides a chance to meditate and express creativity.

Dharmachakra Mandala

The symbol of Buddhism is a wheel (chakra) with 8 spokes representing the Eightfold Path (the steps one must take to reach enlightenment and end their endless cycle of rebirth). The teachings of the Buddha are referred to as the Dharma. The center of this mandala is the Dharmachakra (the wheel of Buddhism). Buddhism spreads like a wheel turning, and the Dharmachakra is placed at the center of this mandala to focus meditation on the Dharma.

Images of the Buddha’s head are located at the intercardinal directions (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, & Northwest) while images of lotuses (Buddhist symbol of Enlightenment) are positioned at cardinal directions (North, South, East, & West). The cardinal and intercardinal placement of Buddhist images is symbolic of the spread of Buddhism in all directions, as well as the protection and guidance of the Buddha in all directions.

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