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Illuminate – Shiva Nataraja

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Black and white illustration of a Hindu deity with multiple arms and a large headpiece. He is balancing on one leg, surrounded by an ornate circular frame, standing on top of a small baby-like creature on a small platform.


The word illuminate has three definitions:

  1. light up or brighten
  2. decorate or adorn
  3. clarify or reveal

The objective for this coloring activity is not simply for the student to color the work of art, but to illuminate it!

Shiva Nataraja

This image depicts the Hindu god Shiva in his dancing form of Nataraja (Lord of Dance). As Nataraja, Shiva performs the Ananda Tandava (dance of bliss), in which the universe is created, maintained, and dissolved.

Want to explore?

Click the link below for students to explore symbolism and iconography on an interactive image.


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