The Search for Greater Understanding

This is an image of a comic book page. The text on the comic reads "The search for greater understanding. Siddhartha traveled and studied under many great masters but found he was no closer to any new realization about existence. He spent six years as a wandering holy man, depriving himself of food till he was close to starvation. Finally he accepted a bowl of rice from a young girl named Sujata. Once he had eaten, he realized that denying the body of nourishment was no way to understand the cause of worldly misery. So Siddhartha decided to reject the path of complete self-denial the same way he rejected the comforts and indulgences of his former life as a prince. He then decided he would sit under a pipal tree (also referred to as the Bodhi tree) and meditate on these issues until the answer to these problems became clear."